C2HR CON Unveils Mission-Critical Sessions

Recognizing the myriad of priorities on the plates of human resources professionals, the C2HR CON Committee focused content development on top-of-mind topics and speakers representing a dynamic cross-section of perspectives. 

“Our 4,300 members are incredibly diverse. Some work for large MSOs that are U.S.-centric, while others are part of a smaller HR team that supports a global workforce. The conference committee has done an outstanding job assembling a collection of dynamic speakers who will offer valuable insight that every participant will find relevant,” shared C2HR Executive Director Pamela Williams, CAE. 

To date, 16 speakers from 13 companies have been confirmed and 10 more speakers will be announced soon. Session topics include DEIJ, mental health and burnout, lessons learned from the pandemic, supporting a hybrid workforce, pay equity, employee engagement and how HR leaders are shaping the future of work within their organizations. Four sessions will be held daily on Tuesday, August 10 through Thursday, August 12. For You Friday, featuring sessions on well-being and personal development, will be held on August 13.

As a registered attendee, you have an opportunity to participate in every session, earn continuing education (CE) credits for SHRM and HRCI, and network with 500+ attendees across our industry. Registration is just $199 for members. Explore the session descriptions below and register now to participate in this can’t-miss conference!   


Inside the Crystal Ball: Evolving the Future of Work 
Aug. 10, 10:45 - Noon 

As we move at the speed of sound to support a future unseen, we need to think 10 steps ahead of current needs to support a reality that is changing faster than ever.  How do we deliver amazing experiences for customers, employees and recruits through reimagined processes and the best technology, while also prioritizing inclusion, wellbeing, flexibility and social responsibilities? A panel of executives from a cross-section of disciplines will embark on a thought-provoking conversation about the riddles they are working to solve, what they find exhilarating and why the evolving landscape is music to their ears.  

Featured Speakers:
Andy Parrott, COO, Vyve Broadband
Lynn Matthews, VP of Talent Acquisition, ESPN 

Eyes Wide Open: Driving Change with Data Analytics 

Aug. 11, 11:00-11:45 

Data is critical in every aspect of human resources, from performance management and recruiting to learning and development and employee engagement. HR professionals at all levels increasingly rely on data to build a strong business case, establish credibility, make educated decisions and monitor the results of their programs and initiatives. A global expert on digital and people analytics, Erik Van Vulpen, will provide tips to boost your data literacy and detail how to leverage data to advance your ideas at work.  

Featured Speaker:
Erik Van Vulpen, Founder,
Academy to Innovate HR 


A Creative Point of View 

Aug. 11, 12:15-1:30  

As humans, we have the ability to be creative thinkers, but some people are better than others at tapping into their imagination to generate original ideas. A panel of experts will discuss the importance of creating a safety net to encourage creative thinking among your team members, share tips to get into a creative mindset (including how to embrace inspiration from unexpected places), and identify connections between unlikely elements to unlock innovative problem solving.  

Featured Speakers:
Loren Ruch, Group SVP of Production & Development, HGTV
Josie Paruta, Director of Learning & Development, ESPN 
Luke Polito, Animator, Charter Communications  


Looking Ahead: The Next Gen of Corporate Social Responsibility

Aug. 12, 11:00-11:45

Over the past year, many companies pivoted their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts to meet the unique needs that Americans were facing due to the pandemic. With social distancing and a widespread portion of employees working from home, companies replaced popular volunteer events to focus on food banks, broadband for students, and other efforts that addressed local priorities. Our panel of dynamic speakers will reflect on their companies’ response to COVID-19 and the racial justice movement, share ideas to engage remote employees in CSR efforts, and delve into their efforts to build the corporate social responsibility model of the future.


Hindsight Is 20/20: Positive Lessons from the Pandemic  

Aug. 12, 12:30-1:45

Looking back to February of last year, no one would have predicted how the world of work would be dramatically transformed in such a short period of time. This session will focus on the silver linings that emerged from the pandemic, including how HR rose to the occasion by navigating companies in a time of ambiguity with resilience and strategic vision. Speakers will focus their conversation on the surprises they encountered, things they can’t imagine living without now, and the impact on the employee experience.  

Featured Speakers:
Jane Roques-Shaw, Global Executive Director of People Growth & Experience, WarnerMedia
Dr. Traron Moore, DBA, SPHR, People Partner Lead, WarnerMedia 


State of Pay: The Next Normal in Pay Equity 

Aug. 12, 2:00-2:45  

In the aftermath of the #metoo and racial justice movements, employers are reviewing their compensation practices to help achieve pay equity. Our expert, Joe Lakis, will explain the differences between pay equity and pay discrimination risks, identify the ground rules of federal and state pay discrimination prohibitions and affirmative requirements and discuss how to prepare for increasing pressure on organizational and individual pay transparency. Participants will also learn how compensation, in all its forms, might be analyzed for equity and risk in the next normal. 

Featured Speakers:
Jen Goad,
Senior Director, EEO & Regulatory Compliance, Charter Communications  
Joe Lakis, Senior Partner, NT Lakis, LLC 


Vision for the Next Normal: CHRO Perspectives & Projections  

Aug. 12, 3:00-3:45 pm

While many questions remain regarding how companies will define the future of work, there is one certainty: the pre-pandemic normal no longer exists. The far-reaching impact of the pandemic, racial justice movement, and intersection of corporate values and politics forever changed the expectations of employees and consumers. A group of industry HR executives will share unexpected realizations, key takeaways and personal insights from the past year, as well as their priorities as HR leaders as they work to create a new paradigm of work.  


Coffee & Conversation: Best Career Advice Ever  

Aug. 13, 10:00-10:45   

A collection of HR leaders will share a personal, defining moment in their careers and the guidance they’ve valued the most in their journey.  


All Eyes on You: Making Your Presence Known

Aug. 13, 11:00-11:45

As more companies decide that geo-location plays less of a role in attracting and retaining top talent, an increasing number of employees will face the challenge of connecting with co-workers and decision makers who are dispersed across the country and possibly around the world. Our panel of experts will help you advance your career by understanding how to navigate the dynamics of a hybrid work environment to network within your organization and across the industry, build strategic relationships, market yourself within your company and leverage mentoring opportunities.  

Featured Speakers:
Macy Fecto, Chief People Officer, Access Intelligence
Amanda Kirschman, Senior Director of Talent, Management, Comcast
Jasmine Smith, CEO & Founder, SmithCo 

Using Improv to Spur Creative Thinking 

Aug. 13, 12:00-12:45

In the world of HR, we know things change on a dime. As a result, the ability to pivot in response to shifting dynamics is a highly valued skill in the modern world of work. In this highly interactive session, Cale Evans will combine 20 years of L&D expertise with his experience performing and teaching improv comedy to share improvisational techniques that will help you quickly change gears and be a creative thinker when it matters most.   

Featured Speaker:
Cale Evans, L&D Consultant & Founder of Queen City Comedy


Vision Quest: Vying for an Internal Promotion

Aug. 13, 1:00-1:45

Pursuing a promotion isn’t something that you should do on the spur-of-the-moment. A well thought out strategy and careful preparation can help you catapult to the top of the list of candidates. We’ve assembled an all-star list of executive search experts to share their secret tips that you can use to advance up the career ladder in your company. 


To register or view more information about the C2HR CON, please visit www.C2HRCON.org.