What's Hot and What's Not: Industry Jobs

The cable industry employs 2.9 million people across nearly 900 different job titles, and every year there is an ebb and flow among the jobs in our workforce. As our industry innovates and embraces emerging consumer behaviors, new jobs are created, and others become obsolete. Annually, C2HR queries our Compensation Survey participants to identify trends in our industry’s job market.   

In 2018, MSOs and distributors saw an influx of jobs focused in wireless engineering, store retail sales and home security installation/service. For 2019, distributors created new job positions  focused on technical project management and third-party sales. Eleven new positions were added to C2HR’s MSO & Distributor Compensation Survey and five job titles were eliminated.  

The jobs that content developers (cable programmers, broadcast networks and digital media companies) added to the 2018 survey reflected the critical need for data to support over-the-top (OTT) content delivery, marketing to OTT viewers and creative advertising sales strategies. For 2019, content developers added 37 new job position titles across four new job families: news, traffic project management, controller and international business development. No positions were eliminated from C2HR's 2019 Compensation Survey for content providers.

There is still time to enroll to participate in C2HR’s 2019 Compensation Surveys which will be conducted by the Croner Company. For more information, please visit c2hr.org/compensation-surveys/ or call Laurie Krashanoff or 415.485.5521.